A whiff of your daily perfume, A strand of your half silver, A musky sweaty shirt, A body rumpled cover, A cup half empty, the TV muted, Dirty socks and the lotion bottle titled… They all see me, Bit by bit over the lonely days They take over me. And now, I dabble the Playboy … More After

Ruminating Firdaus

Contemplating on my own thoughts seemed a little too ironical in the beginning, but after a while one starts appreciating the value and transience of it. Hence, this time I thought it might be a better idea to write and share, since the trail gets lost otherwise. Last year has been a whirlwind of emotional … More Ruminating Firdaus


Ruminating over the threadbare reality of life does not need too much provocation. While treading on the after effects of a heady concoction, in a moment of clarity, i understand that the law of averages finally caught up with me. Us. The pride of youth gives in to gradual resignation. There is a beauty in … More Frailties

Jaa Simran and the expectations from new age Goddesses

Let me start today with my recent favorite topic from the bundle: Marriage. We all have an idea of marriage and it means different things to us, over and above a standard notion with which we have grown up, seen and understood the institution. As a representative of a generation of women who wish to identify themselves … More Jaa Simran and the expectations from new age Goddesses