A whiff of your daily perfume,
A strand of your half silver,
A musky sweaty shirt,
A body rumpled cover,
A cup half empty, the TV muted,
Dirty socks and the lotion bottle titled…

They all see me,
Bit by bit over the lonely days
They take over me.

And now, I dabble the Playboy Aqua
On the used shirt of yours
That hangs on me

The rumpled corner of this bed,
Is still intact,
as i seep into it to caress comfort.

And I feel so small
clinging on to the known
Dejected even, at my own little defeat
When is it, that love becomes
such a mean feat?

When do I know, if its me or you
Who is it,  aching in me?
What do I seek, me or we?

Slowly, as the sun glitters
And simmers into the mountains,
I get over it.

Another day drowns
In an ode to darkness,
With babel
And perfect tear drops splattering the ink.


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