A feminist with the world on my travel list, I present to you my ruminations. My writings revolve around what it means to live here and now, through my tinted eyes. Living in the bustling busy capital of India, after hopping from one city to another for years, I am dwindling between the material girl and the yogi inside, trying to find my purpose. Travelling liberates my restless soul. My growing skills with the lens have slowly empowered me to project the fact and fiction of my vision into the universe.

Aesthetically invested and aligned spaces and learning about people’s ideas on “decor” interest me immensely. It speaks  about their cultural and familial roots and how they see it now. Often, it will also give me a glimpse of what kind of a personality I am dealing with. In an ideal world I would like to be a designer innovating ways to make lives more beautiful and less cumbersome through intelligent design, for common people (like myself) in smaller towns and villages.

I should add that I also enjoy long conversations around people’s  ideas of “gender” “feminism” “masculinity” and would like to study how it manipulates our choices in daily life; around language, rituals, routines and in choosing what to follow in pop culture. The overarching themes of motherhood, housework, men being the primary bread winners and so on, get me animated easily.

For a living, I am a freelance social researcher. My professional graph not showing any signs of grasping direction, I am working in a gender research centre doing my Karma, till my awakening dawns. In my spare time I annoy my partner with long speeches on how to set everything right in the world.

You will find me devouring random stuff related to work and transgressing frequently on an average day. Or you may find me sulking, listening to some dark, brooding music. Or obsessively cleaning rooms, cupboards, kitchens. Occasionally you will find me working like crazy, pursuing a deadline. The rest of the time I am on the roads devouring the sights, sounds and smells of the marvellous world around.

I love reading the genre of magical realism, coffee, aromatic things (from pine forests to fragrant candles), long walks without traffic and wild flowers. I hate slithery food items and rats. A lot of my time is invested in/with people and I enjoy either being completely alone or completely invested in another person’s affairs. There are hardly any in betweens in my life.

Enough said! Let us move on from me.

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